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PROVIDE: Quality Education

PROTECT: Minds, Spirits, of Students and Schools


Our mission is to assist and educate students to become contributing members of society.

Welcome to the web site of the AZTEC High School.  We encourage you to visit often for information, concerning  future events or FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.  Parents and Guardians, we encourage you to play an active role in your child’s education throughout the school year.  As always, if you should have questions, please call or come by the school.


Welcome Warriors:

            I’m happy to take this opportunity to welcome all the Warriors both current and future to another great Aztec school year. There have been a few changes this year, so please pay attention in your classes as your teacher will review those with you. I am also happy to say that while the Graduation criteria is more extensive this year, when you graduate you will be even better prepared for your next adventure be it school or work.

            Aztec High School offers some things that are fairly unique to our school. We have a four-day school week, so there is opportunity to work on weekends and not interfere with school. You have the opportunity to earn credits faster. Take advantage of this and get yourself caught up. We are always ready to listen to new ideas about things you as a student would like to see at Aztec, be it a class, a club, or whatever. Don’t be shy to mention to your teacher or one of the Administrative staff what you would like to see.

            Finally, I hope you have a great school year here at Aztec. Follow the simple rules and you will benefit in the end.

Steve Pallack, Principal

Aztec High School 
2330 W. 28th Street 
Yuma, Arizona 85365
​​​​​​​(928) 314 - 1918